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These have always bothered me, in some obvious ways and some not-so-obvious ways. I’ve been reluctant to post them until now. I’m not sure why. 

Berlinde de Bruyckere - We are All Flesh (2004-12)

“An unsettling, reconfigured concept of the body, helpless and contorted, takes center stage in Bruyckere’s faceless sculptures. Abject deformation is turned into beauty as if the artist were trying to wrest a shape from abstract form.”

Haven’t played a drum kit since the show body falling apart wanna throw stuff around but instead I’m gonna fold clothes and play on my practice pad until my hands hurt helphkrlphelp


Two pictures from a person who died from a stab wound to the heart.


Yes, she still has self-respect.

The original photo in this set (of the message on her back) hit 20,000 notes in less than 12 hours. Amazing, Tumblr. I know it helps that it was a shot of her back with zero actual nudity so it could make it to the SFW blogs, but still, that’s impressive.

The point is - nudity and sex have zero to do with self-respect. You can be a porn star, or the most conservatively dressed human imaginable, with zero libido, and still have self-respect.

Nudity and sex need to exit the self-respect debate as soon as possible. Sleeping with someone, or not, showing some skin, or not, is a personal choice. It’s all about if you enjoy it. Some people do, and despite the main criticism I’ve seen, it’s not just about getting attention.

This shot is obviously more explicit, and I don’t expect as many notes, but it’s like the other side of the coin: she still has self-respect. It doesn’t matter what she chooses to show, or not show. We’re all born with sexual organs, so stop the sex/body/kink shaming already.



David Bowie not liking fresh cookies in 1976.

Best scene